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Continuous Casting Refractories
Ladle Shroud
Monoblock Tundish Stopper
Sub-entry Nozzle/ Sub-entry Shroud
Tundish Nozzles
MgC Tap Hole Sleeve
Slide Gate System and Refractories
Flocon Ladle Slide Gate System
Krosaki-Harima Ladle Slide Gate System
Slide Gate Refractories
Furnace Gate Valve System and Refractories
IPV Mechanism and Refractories
IPV System for Ladle
Purging Refractories
Monolithics for EAF, Ladle and Tundish
Monocon Products/Engineering Services
Spraying Mass and Machine for Tundish Spraying
Refractory Darts and Slag Control Equipment for BOF
Metallurgical Lances
Robot for ladle maintenance - Ladle Monocator
Robot for Furnace maintenance - Electrical Furnace Monocator
Monocon Engineering Services
Goricon LLC Recharge System
Tube Changer Mechanism for Slab Caster
  QNC Mechanism for Billet Caster
Zirconia Nozzle for Open Stream Casting
Technical Ceramic Products
  Hofmann Ceramic Products
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