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Career / Harnessing People Power

IFGL believes in the power of dedicated people and aims to attract talent with knowledge, skills, experience and, potential to become future leaders.
From the time IFGL was founded, it has believed that change is constant, and has paved its growth path on newer grounds by expanding its base in terms of location, product, people and teaming, and in numbers as well as quality. It strives to provide a delightful work environment across locations and countries, with a mission to

  1. Eensure sustainable development of all its resources
  2. Drive the ambitions of all its stakeholders
  3. Continuously improve the quality of its product, and
  4. Develop its employees into motivated people

The basic value that IFGL looks for in its people is honesty. It fosters Teamwork with a positive attitude towards every aspect of its existence. It provides its people freedom to operate within broadly set boundaries, thereby creating an environment for innovation.

IFGL prefers to have a right mix of young and old employees and encourages fresh pass outs and experts to work with synergy. To ensure that its employees are updated on the recent trends, IFGL encourages on-the-job as well as external training and development interventions across cadres. While giving importance to updates on technical developments, it also gives equal importance to Behavioural updates on Leadership and Team Work. IFGL is proud of the dedication and loyalty of all its employees.

It continues its journey towards its Vision - to become a market leader based on values which will ensure the satisfaction of its stakeholders- and looks forward to have the support of best of talent for exemplary performance.