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Latest Announcement:
Announcement: May, 2020 
Bhoomi Pujan was conducted on Sunday, 24th May 2020 at VIZAG, 25th May 2020Details
Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 5th May, 2020 to inter alia review and discuss in general operations of the Company and its Subsidiaries., 01st May 2020Details
Announcement: April, 2020 
Resumption of Kandla SEZ Manufacturing Facilities, 20th April 2020Details
Closure of Trading Window for Financial Results of quarter ended on 31st March, 2020 and or financial year 2019-2020, 01st April 2020Details
Announcement: March, 2020 
In view of COVID 19 pandemic,Company’s manufacturing facility in KAZEZ has been put under lockdown, 23rd March 2020Details
Director and CFO of the Company, Mr Kamal Sarda has stepped down from the office of Chairman of IRMA, 03rd March 2020Details
Announcement: February, 2020 
Closure of Trading Window in connection with Interim Dividend for FY 2019-20, 10th February 2020Details
Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr Kamal Sarda has also been appointed to hold post of 'Chief Financial Officer', 08th February 2020Details
Board of Directors in their meeting held to-day unanimously resolved and declared Interim Dividend @25% for FY 2019-20, 08th February 2020Details
Re-appointment of Chairman, Mr S K Bajoria and Managing Director, Mr P Bajoria for 3 years w.e.f. 01.04.2020, 08th February 2020Details
Board Meeting scheduled to be held on Saturday, 8 th February, 2020 to also consider Interim Dividend for FY 2019-20, 04th February 2020Details
Announcement: January, 2020 
Company’s Facility at Kandla receive ISO 45001:2018, 27th January 2020Details
Credit Rating assigned by ICRA Limited on 2nd January, 2020., 03rd January 2020Details